Related Reports

Related Intelligence Reports


As cited by TICOM relating to their investigation into the Pers ZS. All documents are currently in the National Archives-College Park or still in the possession of The National Security Agency. As documents are released and acquired I will post them under the “Documents” heading in the appropriate article.

TICOM  D-16 “Translation of Annual Progress Reports by Pers ZS covering 1927, 1941, 1942.”


TICOM  D-51 "Translation of Miscellaneous Documents from Pers Z Archives." Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-11 , Box 24, NR 5631


TICOM  D-54 “Translation of Eight Pers ZS Reports on Cipher Systems of Various Countries.”


TICOM  DF-17 Translation of T 3273, letter of Dr. Paschke and other Pers ZS personnel.   Translated by Dr. Pettengill. (T-165).


TICOM  I-22 "Interrogation of German Cryptographers of Pers ZS Department of the Auswaertiges Amt."



TICOM I-56 "On German Diplomatic Ciphers" Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-11 , Box 46, NR 6908

TICOM  I-63 "Interrogation Report on ORR Herrmann Scherscbmidt of Per ZS Auswaertiges Amt." 


TICOM  I-89 "Report by Prof. Dr. H. Rohrbach of Per ZS on American Strip Cipher."


TICOM  I-103 "Second Interrogation of Reg. Rat Hermann Scherschmidt of Pers ZS Auswaertiges Amt. on Turkish and Bulgarian Systems."


TICOM  I-172 "Interrogations of Hagen and Paschke of Pers ZS"   Source:  National Cryptologic Museum Library


TICOM  T-56 “Reports of' the A Group. Reports and Studies by the American Group of' the Cryptanalytic Section of the German Foreign Office 1919-1942.”


TICOM  T-197 "Unidentified Pers ZS Document covering work on Chinese."


TICOM  T-1282 “A set of' miscellaneous Foreign Office papers, in possession of' TICOM.”


TICOM  T-2052 Various Reports f'rom "Gruppe Lehmann," the Pers ZS Greek group 1939-1940-1941.