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Related Reports

Related Intelligence Reports
As cited by TICOM relating to their investigation into the FA (Forschungsamt). All documents are currently in the National Archives-College Park or still in the possession of The National Security Agency. As documents are released and acquired I will post them under the “Documents” heading in the appropriate article.
TICOM DF-98 "FA memo on Russian Baudot Scrambler." Source: NARA RG 457, Entry 9032 , Box 1394, NR 4459

TICOM I-25 "Interrogation of RLM/Forschungsamt Members: Dr. Paetzel R.R. Fingerhut, R. R. Oden, Dr. Klautsche and Min. Rat.,Seifert, at Schloss Gluecksburg  on 15, 21 June 1945."  


TICOM I-54 "Second Interrogation of Five Members of the RLM/Forschungsamt.Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 1, NR 6906


TICOM I-108 "Interrogation of Goering on the RLM/Forschungsamt."


TICOM I-131 "Obstlt. Mettig of OKW/Chi on WA Pruef 7 and RLM/Forschungsamt. "


TICOM I-164 "Homework by Kurt Sauerbier" of RLM/Forschungsamt on Russian Agent's Traffic."

TICOM I-193 "Interrogation of SS OberstumbahnfuhrerUrban, Liaison Officer with the Crypto. Bureau of the Hungarian General Staff."  Source:  National Cryptologic Museum Library


TICOM IF-132 "Das Forschungsamt des Luftfahrtminsteriums."  Transferred from NSA to NARA-CP April 2011 under Accession # 7416


TICOM IF-143 Weekly Intelligence Summary # 15 (25 Oct. 1945); (Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff,G-2; Headquarters United States Forces, European theater), # 15, (25 Oct. 1945). This contains information on FA wire tapping given by a Major Johannes Gaenzer of Abwehrstelle Berlin/III F.


TICOM D-22.--Translation (and chart) of telephone directory giving Forschungsamt numbers.


SHAEF “The Reichsforschungsamt  Source: NARA RG 457 HCC Box 1112 NR 3563