Related Reports

Related Intelligence Reports

As cited by TICOM relating to their investigation into the GAF Chi-Stelle. All documents are currently in the National Archives-College Park or still in the possession of The National Security Agency. As documents are released and acquired I will post them under the “Documents” heading in the appropriate article.



TICOM IF-177 Seabourne Report, Vol 1 "Introduction and Report." 

TICOM IF-178 Seabourne Report, Vol. II. "Biographies of Contributors." Part 1.  Part 2.

TICOM IF-176 Seabourue Report. Vol III. "Operations and Techniques of the Radio Defense Corps, German Wehrmacht." Part 1. Part 2.

TICOM IF-179 Seabourne Report, Vol. IV. "Biography of Major Ferdisand Feichtner" Part 1.  Part 2

TICOM IF-180  Seabourne Report, Vol. V. "The Chi-Stelle." Part 1. Part 2.

TICOM IF-181 Seabourne Report, Vol. VI. "Origins of the Luftwaffe SIS and History of its Operations in the West." Part 1. Part 2. 

TICOM IF-182  Seabourne Report, Vol. VII. "Technical Operations in the West." Part 1. Part 2.

TICOM IF-183 Seabourne Report, Vol. VIII. "Miscellaneous Studies." Part 1. Part 2  

TICOM IF-184 Seabourne Report, Vol. IX. "History of Operations in the South." 

TICOM IF-185 Seabourne Report, Vol. X. "Technical Operations in the South Luftwaffe SIS."

TICOM IF-186 Seabourne Report, Vol. XI. History of Operations in the East, Luftwaffe SIS.

TICOM IF-187 Seabourne Report, Vol. XII. "Technical Operations in the East, Luftwaffe SIS."

Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 1,  NR 6888
TICOM I-41 "Report on First Interrogation of Major Oeljeschlager, GAF Signal Service". Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 1, NR 6895

TICOM I-42 “Report on the Fourth Interrogation of Oberstltn. Friedrich” Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 1,  NR 6896


TICOM  I-65 "Interrogations of Capt. Herold, LN Regt 353; 1st Lt.Werther, LN Regt 353; Lt. Ludwig, Chi-Stelle; and 1st Lt.Leichtle, LN Regt 351."


TICOM  I-70 "Paper on the German Sigint Service by Lt. Col. Friedrich, Chief of 3rd Division of Chief Signal Office and Chief of Chi-Stelle."


TICOM  I-107 Preliminary interrogation of Obltn. Chlubek and Lt.Rasel both or 1II/LN Regt 353


TICOM I-109 "Translation of a Report by Lt. Ludwig of" Chi Stelle Ob.d.L. (Ref.B) based on questions set for him at A.D.I.(K)."


TICOM I-112 "Preliminary Interrogation of Reg. Rat. Dr. Ferdinand Voegele (Chi Stelle, Ob d.L) and Major Ferdinand Feichtner (O. C. of LN Regt. 352, Etc.)"


TICOM I-119 "Further Interrogation of Reg. Rat. Voegele and Major Feichtner on G.A.F  Sigint."


TICOM I-120 "Translation of Homework by Obltn. W. Werther, Company Commander of 7/LN Rgt. 353, written on 12th August 1945 at A.D. I. (K)."


TICOM I-121 "Translation of Homework by Obltn W. Werther, company commander of 7/LN Regt. 353."


TICOM I-126 “Homework by Major Feichtner, C.O. LN Regt. 352."


TICOM I-130 "Homework by Hauptmann Herold, O. C. Ln. Regt. III/353."


TICOM I-133 Homework by Lt. Rasch of III/LN Regt-353.


TICOM I-134 "Homework by 1st Lt. Ch1ubek of III/LN Regt 353."


TICOM I-135 "Homework by Lt. Ludwig of Chi-Stelle Ob.d.L. (Ref .B)."


TICOM I-159 ''Report on GAF intelligence based on interrogation of Hauptman Zetzche."

TICOM I-163 "Report on Interrogation of Hptm. Scheidl, Ltn. Sann and Ltn. Smolin, all of I/LN Rgt. 353 (East), on German Sigint Activity Against Russian Air Forces."

TICOM I-178 "Homework of Hptm. Boedigheimer, of IV/NACHR. Regiment 506". Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 1,  NR 7143



TICOM IF-189 "GAF Signals Intelligence in the War."
TICOM  IF-280 "Three deserters from the GAF Field Division" Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 12, NR

TICOM IF-311 “Report on Interrogation of Hans FREUND” Source: NARA RG 457, Entry P-4 , Box 1,  NR 7374