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Randy Rezabek is a retired instructional technologist,
 former Navy photographer, and aspiring historian from Rochester, NY.
He holds degrees in Political Science, Education and is currently working on a degree in Military History.
He has been interested in the history of Cryptology and Signals Intelligence since serving a tour with the U.S. Naval Security Group in the early 1980s.

'TICOM: The Last Great Secret of World War II',

Intelligence and National Security, (2012) 27:4, 513-530.


'TICOM and the Search for OKW/Chi', Cryptologia,(2013) 37:2, 139-153.

'The Russian Fish with Caviar', Cryptologia, 2014, 38:1, 61-76

'TICOM: Searching for Nazi Secret Intelligence', Encyclopedia of US Intelligence (in press).

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All documents are in the public domain. All other original material Copyright © 2011 by Randy Rezabek