I. Introduction

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Six decades after the end of the Second World War, more than 35 years since the publication of The Ultra Secret, and 20 years since the end of the cold war, the secrets of TICOM are finally leaking out.
This 1945 operation to capture the cryptologic secrets of Nazi Germany was so sensitive that no hints of it were published in the open literature until 1986, when author Thomas Parrish published an account in The Ultra Americans. But no official documentation was released until recently when the NSA finally began to declassify what author James Bamford labeled “…the last great secret of World War II.”

The menu on the left provides access to the major topics on the site. Each topic consists of essays, which provide a summary and historical background to the subject, followed by links to relevant, recently secret, NSA documents. Other relevant books, articles and web sites are provided in links.

·     ‘The Targets’ provides essays over viewing the six German intelligence agencies that were hunted, captured, and exploited by TICOM. Each of the target essays also include a Related Reports link at the bottom of the page that lists the hundreds of intelligence reports that were referenced in TICOM’s own research As these reports are released and acquired, they will be posted on this page.

·    ‘The Teams’ provides a brief description (including personnel rosters) of each of the six TICOM teams that were sent into Germany during the collapse of the Third Reich. Links to their official team reports are at the foot of each essay.

·     ‘Case Studies’ provides information on some of the more interesting, and historically important, aspects of the TICOM operation.

The most mysterious aspect of this operation is why it was secret for so long? This website is dedicated to exploring that question and to make the formerly classified documents accessible to the public. It is a work in progress, new essays and documents will be added to the TICOM Archive as they are discovered.

European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II as Revealed by 'TICOM' Investigations and by Other Prisoner of War Interrogations and Captured Material, Principally German. WDGAS-14, Chief Army Security Agency, Top Secret/Cream report, 1 May 1946.  Volume I: Synopsis

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James Bamford, Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency. New York: Anchor Books, 2001

         Chapter 2: "Sweat", p.7 - 21.


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